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This page bring you all the tips of the week that we have featured so far, this will make sure that you never miss a TIP OF THE WEEK.

Week 5 Tip

Why not visit our new blog How to Make a Cardboard Blog we explore the web bringing you all the latest and best cardboard creations which saves you time and lets you see all the best idea in one place.
Keep checking the blog as we are constantly featuring new and exciting creations.

Week 4 Tip

Turn a large cereal box into a personalised magazine holder.

  • Get your large cereal box or any box which is tall.

  • Cut the top of the box to make a slope opening.

  • Cut out pictures or use stamps stickers etc to decorate your box

  • You could even use some pieces of wallpaper.

  • Cover the top edges to give your box a neat finish.

Personalised Cardboard Magazine Holder


Making A Picture Frame From Cardboard.

  • First you need a cardboard box, preferably a strong box using double wall board.

  • Cut out two pieces of cardboard exatly the same size, one for the frame and one for the backing.
  • Taking one of the pieces of card cut out a window which will become your frame.
  • Decorate your frame to your own taste, or let your children decorate their own frames.
  • Put your picture in the frame and glue the sides, leaving one opening unglued so you can change pictures.

You now have a completed cardboard picture frame.


A cardboard tube can make a great extension lead tidy.

  • Take a cardboard tube, you can find one from the inside of a kitchen roll or wrapping paper roll for example.

  • Fold you cable up and place it within the tube as illustrated.

  • This will ensure the cable does not spring open or gets tangled up with other cables.

  • You will now always have a cable to hand and ready to use.


A colorful cereal box can make a great jigsaw puzzle for your children and can be made to suit your childs age and ability.

  • You will need a empty cereal box and some scissors

  • Cut out the front panel from your empty cereal box.

  • Take your front panel and cut into interlocking shapes.

  • Making the size of the pieces and difficulty appropriate for the child who is putting the puzzle together.

  • Fun easy and inexpensive.

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