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Childrens Playhouse
There is nothing more fun for the kids than playing in a Childrens Playhouse, you can make one for very little money and have as much fun as one of the more expensive shop bought houses.

You can have so much fun not only building your playhouse but also decorating the house, I know children love this, they can put their own ideas into action which makes them love their Childrens Playhouse even more.

Cardboard House

How To Build A Childrens Playhouse

So now you have decided to build your own Childrens Playhouse how do you make one.

Step one
First you need to find some large sheets of cardboard, I would suggest trying a domestic appliance store they always have large fridge boxes, you can also try searching google for a local supplier of cardboard boxes, suppliers of boxes usually have either spare sheets of cardboard they will give you or sell for very little.

Tip - All the diagrams below can be made to full screen by double clicking on the picture, this will help you see the measurements clearly and is also handy if you want to print out the diagrams.

Step Two

  • Once you have your cardboard you can begin to start to build your childrens playhouse.

  • Now you can scale your house to whatever size you want, I have just used to scale 1.5M x 1m.

  • Cut your board to correct size, you will need four sheets one for each side of the house.

Sheets cut to size

Step Three

  • Stick your boards together using strong tape.

  • Mark out your doors and windows

  • Cut out the doors and windows as shown

Childrens playhouse taped

Step Four

  • Stand up your playhouse.

  • Fold each panel to make your house.

  • Once your house is erected tape the two joining sides to secure your house.

Stand your playhouse up
Fold the house into a square

Step Five

Now it is time to make the roof

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