CARDBOARD CREATIONS - How to make a cardboard

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Cardboard Creations
Its great to be ceative with cardboard, and it doesn't just have to be a something for a child.

We will explore some great ideas which might give you some inspiration to come up with your own ideas.

Cardboard Computer Case
Brenden Macaluso has designed a recyclable cardboard computer housing.

The recyclable case houses the computer parts needed to make a machine work.

"The actual manufacturing process is die cutting, so you are punching it out like cookie cutter shapes.

"Then just gluing it up and sliding the parts together and adding a little bit of print to it."

Cardboard Computer Case

Fancy Dress Ideas
Coming soon the plans for a great fancy dress idea, maybe the picture will give you a clue.

Rubiks Cube Fancy Dress Outfit
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