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Puma Formula 1 Car

Published by in Cardboard · 19/2/2010 17:04:09

Well this project might be a little adventurous for most of us but shows what can be made with cardboard, with this stunning Formula 1 car made from Puma trainer boxes.

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How to Make a Cardboard Toy Oven

Published by how to Make a Cardboard in Cardboard Toys · 8/2/2010 20:51:18
This is a fun and simple way to make a child's oven it comes courtey of and can be found by clicking [url][/url].

New for 2010 a Blog all about Cardboard

Published by How to make a cardboard in Cardboard Toys · 1/2/2010 19:31:36
This blog is a new addition to the website, we will bring you stories and ideas from all over the web about peoples cardboard creation, ideas of what to make with cardboard and generally interesting stories.
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